Artist Angelina Fusco studied at Ringling College of Art & Design and The Florence Academy of Art, Italy - with a focus in Portraiture, Painting, and Illustration. Having a particular eye for detail, great admiration of the human form, and a love for fashion, she encompasses her traditional portrait painting style into creating beautiful engaging images thru the medium of photography. Angelina’s personal background in modeling provides her with enriched knowlege of working on both sides of the lens. With an amazingly trained eye she peers deeply into capturing the heart and emotions of the human spirit, composing and capturing the best version of you you've ever seen.

“It's not just a photograph, it is about creating and capturing a special moment in time - an experience.”

     Her colorful vibrant portraits and fashion photography travels her across the country
from Los Angeles to Denver and back to her native home of Naples Florida.
Capturing stunning portraits, documenting moments, while building the portfolios
of many models, artists, apparel companies, and jewelry designers.

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